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The Parenting Plan Process in Montana

Under Montana law, if you divorce and have a minor child you must implement a parenting plan as a part of your divorce. Of course, ... Continue Reading →

Adoption and Child Support

Adoption is a legal process that replaces a child’s parent/guardian with another person. It can happen for one or both parents. One of the most ... Continue Reading →

Pro Se Child Support

Pro se is a legal term used to describe a party who is representing herself. You might also hear the terms self-represented, self-help, or Pro ... Continue Reading →

Montana Self Help Law Centers

Many people using our online child support calculator are doing it because they are representing themselves in a divorce, child custody, or child support matter ... Continue Reading →

The Montana Supreme Court and Child Support

In one way, the Montana Supreme Court has very little to do with child support. But, on a larger scale – they’ve got everything to ... Continue Reading →

Announcing Tax Estimations

Creating a good child support calculation means providing as much information as possible. That’s why we recommend having previous income tax returns and W-2s for ... Continue Reading →