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Case Study: Maggie Clark

Maggie needed to calculate child support. She’s been separated from her child’s father for a few years, but never went through the work of establishing child support because she wasn’t sure if it would be worth it. A few of her friends told her there wasn’t much money in it, and she believed them.

But as the economy got worse, a little help sounded better and better. Ultimately, she found us and discovered she was entitled to quite a bit of money from the father so she pursued the process and now her child’s father is paying his fair share.

Here’s what Maggie had to say:

I’d gone to the state website, and found the form for the calculation, but every time I looked at it my eyes glazed over and it never got finished. Once or twice I even got through the first page. But that was as far as it ever got. I’m not terrible at math, but I don’t love it either.

Then I found the online child support calculator and everything changed. I entered a few numbers and within seconds had a completed calculation. The form was ready to file.

I’d looked at a few other online calculators, but they were generic and didn’t actually have anything to do with Montana’s requirements. This was different. This was exactly what I needed, ready to go.

Once I had that first calculation, I started to wonder if some changes would effect the bottom line much. So I just made a couple more calculations and printed those off too. I took the most accurate one and used that to start my child support case. Now I’m getting a monthly check from my ex that helps pay for all the things  he should have been helping with all along. Best money I ever spent.